New Addtions

Its been a while since we have added to the site but don’t worry, we have been busy building a Delorean to travel back to 1864 and find some undiscovered coverage and details from the start of National Watch Company that is sure to impress. You may have noticed a new addition on the menu “NWCo”, this will cover the years 1864 – 1874.

The Hadley Company

Peer down at your wrist (no your other one silly!), does your watch have a bracelet attachment ? then stop and give a thought on just how that bracelet attachment was invented and manufactured. Elgin briefly owned the Hadley company which was founded by Arthur Hadley who invented and patented the bracelet.

Some of the best integrated bands were during those years.

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50 Millionth Anniversary Watch

Over the coming weeks, in recognition of it being the 64th anniversary since the release of the 50 Millionth Anniversary Lord Elgin, I’ll be publishing the real story behind these distinctive Lord Elgins and filling in the blanks that we all have about these watches.

So weather you own a 50 MAN watch, Lust after a 50e6 watch or just curious about these unique watches, sit back and enjoy the read!

Part one is up 50,000,000 Elgins