50 Millionth Anniversary Watch

Over the coming weeks, in recognition of it being the 64th anniversary since the release of the 50 Millionth Anniversary Lord Elgin, I’ll be publishing the real story behind these distinctive Lord Elgins and filling in the blanks that we all have about these watches.

So weather you own a 50 MAN watch, Lust after a 50e6 watch or just curious about these unique watches, sit back and enjoy the read!

Part one is up 50,000,000 Elgins


Elgin Movement Grades

I’ve added the first real resource for watch collectors on the site, the movement grade list.

Elgin Movement Grade List or off the menu above.

This list has been created from Elgin’s Service Bulletins and exisiting serial number lookup databases, I will not be creating another serial number lookup as there are numerous sites already.

Jeff Sexton’s site at elgintime.com – Jeff has been updating his database over time and has also started to include wristwatch grades into his database, so I consider it the more accurate database on the net currently and it can only get better with time.

Wayne Schlitt’s site at elginwatches.org – This is the oldest database online but I’m unsure if it has been updated with recent knowledge.

About Bloody Time

All puns intended, I finally decided instead of trying to do the endless big content authoring, I would let this site start with nothing and grow on its own time.

This site will focus on the history, achievements, people and products of the Elgin National Watch Company.

I invite you to embark on this journey of re-discovery of what has already been lost to time.