Plant 1

107 National Street

Plant 1 - 1864

1864 - At this stage, the company was known as the  "National Watch Company", Plant 1 was still under construction and this temporary 3 story wooden building was used to produce the factory machinery and tools that would be used in the completed factory. While  this building was being used, it came under threat of both fire and flooding.


1865 - Underconstruction.


1866  - After the first wing was completed.


1869 - Two years after completing their first watch movement.


1873 - Nine years after starting and the demand of floor space is clearly visible, What was the original main entrance to the factory is now the back of the factory.

Plant 1 - 1881

1881 - The company is now the "Elgin National Watch Company" and the west wing has been completed.

Elgin National Watch Company Factory Pre 1882

Exact date unknown but pre 1882 as the factory is under construction.

Plant 1 - 1882

1882 - The factory building complete as per the original designs.

Plant 1 - 1939

1939 - This aerial shot of the factory is before the 75th anniversary celebrations.


1965 - For a short time period, Elgin tried to lease or sell the plant. Photo courtesy of Chuck Engels (


1966 - Tower coming down (photo courtesy of Beth Waltz)