The BIG Issue

Some of you may have worked out already, using the 1896 grade list, there are  436,081 incorrectly identified movements based on the 1950 material list, any look up database also based on the 1950 material list is incorrect. Is that really a grade 69 or a B. W. Raymond you have in your hand ?

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A Model Before The B.W. Raymond ?

Who knew 153 years ago, there was a model in the factory before the B. W. Raymond was put into production. We can only speculate what it was (18s full plate, Keywind, Backset) as no other description or documentation exists that says there was a model before the B. W. Raymond was put into production. Crossman does state the B.W. Raymond was modified from being Backset during the first production run.
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New Addtions

Its been a while since we have added to the site but don’t worry, we have been busy building a Delorean to travel back to 1864 and find some undiscovered coverage and details from the start of National Watch Company that is sure to impress. You may have noticed a new addition on the menu “NWCo”, this will cover the years 1864 – 1874.


Introducing Elgin’s 100th Anniverasry line that was never released in 1964. This opens a new chapter in Elgin’s watch production that has never been identified.
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