Introducing Elgin’s 100th Anniverasry line that was never released in 1964. This opens a new chapter in Elgin’s watch production that has never been identified.
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The Hadley Company

Peer down at your wrist (no your other one silly!), does your watch have a bracelet attachment ? then stop and give a thought on just how that bracelet attachment was invented and manufactured. Elgin briefly owned the Hadley company which was founded by Arthur Hadley who invented and patented the bracelet.

Some of the best integrated bands were during those years.

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During the diversification programme in the 1950s, Elgin purchased quite a number of companies (American Microphone, Bradley, Neomatic, Hadley, Helbros, Welby to name a few) some of these were integrated, some sold off and some just scrapped. We will be providing details about each of those companies before, during and after Elgin and also the products and staff that have been identified. You’ll find them under the Companies section.

Your Elgins

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