Plant 3 - Lincoln, Nebraska

900 N 16th Street, Lincoln


Elgin purchased the former Elastic Stop Nut plant in November 1945 for $390,000.  The building had 220,000 square feet of floor space. 

1,000,000 Elgins - Lincoln Plant

Elgin didn't take long to get the plant operational and 6 months after purchasing the building, they had trained the staff, equipped the plant and had it operating and it produced its first complete watch on the 25th of May 1946. 3 years later it would produce its one millionth watch.[1]The Lincoln Star 3rd of April, 1949

Unlike Plant 1, Elgin had introduced the "progressive assembly line" manufacture of watches, This would be implemented back in Plant 1 in 1948[2]The Watch Word, July 1948.  Later on, some Lincoln staff would report that Elgin used the Lincoln plant as a "play pit" to work out what would and wouldn't work before upsetting the staff back at Plant 1.

Elgin would cease production in 1958 in Lincoln, by the time they sold the plant to the University of Nebraska, Elgin had increased the floor space to 440,000 square feet. Today the building is known as Nebraska Hall and is still in use.