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Ben Model has been kind enough to not only preserve this wonderful 16mm film but share it with the world. It provides a glimpse into the factory during 1929 to 1931 approximately.  The highlights for collectors are the shots of the watches of the time starting at 21:00. William Samelius can be seen in action during a lesson at the Watch college at 3:15. At 5:05 is one of the machines that is the real product of the watch company. 11:06 highlights the fact that even thou the watches were produced by machinery, nothing could happen with out the staff and this would be one of the downfalls later for watch company.



This movie was made around 1943 and covers the production of jewel bearings by Elgin. Its an important movie at the time, America had been cut off from its jewel supplies in Switzerland during the war and Elgin stepped up to produce jewel bearings domestically.

Jewel Bearings


1929 16mm short film titled "Time", Preserved by  David Johnson.




The "Circle of Time" documentary was produced by the Elgin Area Historical Society. It is an excellent documentary about the watch company, their products and also their staff. Part 3 and Part 4 has several interviews with staff during the end of the company and you get a glimpse of the chaos as the company is in its death throws.  

Circle of Time Part 1

Circle of Time Part 2

Circle of Time Part 3

Circle of Time Part 4

Elgin Observatory Documentary



If you ever wondered what "Timed from the Stars" means, heres your answer. Yes, you have to contend with the piano music drowning out whats said. Well worth the pain.




The Eye on Elgin is a great video of the museum from 2013. You really need to slow it down as it flashes what are some pretty unique items really quickly, one example is Dr Joseph Hecker at 1:20, a Frankenstein Lord Elgin Rochester with a Black Lord Elgin Clubman dial at 1:43.

The Eye on Elgin "The Elgin Watch Company"

1918 Elgin Trench Watch Restoration



Stan from LRF Antiques has published this short video of what can only termed magic, dedication and passion. 



This video focuses more on Elgin the town's Art Deco heritage. This includes Elgin American which made powder compacts. If you don't watch the whole video (you should), it gets to the Watch Company at  9:28. at 10:28 Jeff takes us for an envious trip across of the watch company's "modernism" range, now known as Art Deco. Try not to drool.

Elgin's Art Deco Heritage

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