Elgin Model Catalog

Introducing the Elgin Model Catalog, Your one stop for identifying that Elgin of yours.

We are initially focused on wristwatches and if we ever run out of them, we will move onto pocket watches, (this doesn’t mean you wont find them listed already). We are including all elgin products (lighters, cufflinks, wrist watches, travel clocks, etc). We will also list products for all genders (really apart from the 50 Millionth Anniversary Elgin and the Hulburd pocket watch line, the ladies left the mens line in the dust when it came to pricing).

You can find it on the menu or just go here Elgin Model Catalog

We will be continually adding information and will soon introduce the ability for users to submit entries and also have an area for you to upload images of watches to be identified.

Merry Christmas!

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